A few steps away from joining the Millionaire’s Club

A few steps away from joining the Millionaire’s Club

By the look of it, it is highly likely that I would be joining the MC (Millionaires Club) soon. Nothing is confirmed yet and not a penny has been added to the existing three-digit balance that is languishing in my Rial account, waiting to get reduced. I am sure it will not get reduced to lower than the lowest three digit number as otherwise my account will be disqualified from the weekly draws. Twelve years….ahh that is another story.

Coming back to the MC story, I should thank the Internet for the entire thing. It all started with a mail from a person claiming to be the vice president of a bank in Africa. So what if the name of the bank sounded as shady as the name of the city where it stands (Odombodomba) The guy in question has billions of dollars in hand and has to transfer it somewhere safely. Some good soul had referred my name and now seems that he can’t trust anyone other than me. No way. He just wanted my account number to transfer his money from where it will be retransferred to another trust-fund and his personal representative will get in touch with me and as a gesture of appreciating my help, 10% of the amount will be given to me.  He was resorting to this method for some very special reason which read like Lord of the rings and Harry Potter put together. Though the little noise from my head shouted ‘fishy’, my heart heard it as ‘rocking, go ahead.’

But the transfer of the millions is not that easy and they wanted me to transfer some RO 500 to their account to enable them to comply with some formalities.

I am just waiting for an opportune time to get my ATM card and hubby’s Credit Card back  and the details pertaining to my accounts to get me to the coveted club that has been snatched from me by my hubby who accidentally read one of the emails in question.

Let me tell you that it hasn’t dampened my quest to join the MC.

Through my browsing journey, I must have entered into some magic realm that soon started bombarding me with emails with subject lines like: “Raajeswari, congrats. You have won a million dollars through our select-a-random-winner-who-visits-our-site-raffle.’ The first time I got this mail, my legs got wobbly and hands sticky with perspiration. I carefully went through every step mentioned in the mail, till I stopped at a certain point that asked for my Credit Card pin number and about 250 dollars for buying a holiday package in Alaska. My name would then be entered for a raffle and if I am lucky (and I am not) I would win about a thousand dollars.  Wham!

Just the other day, my dreams flared up (again and as often) as I received a chain email that said that for every forwarded email, we would receive a substantial amount of money, courtesy, a crazy soul. The more addresses you forward it to, the more you earn, the email read.  There were a couple of testimonials that confirmed the fact. With figures like US$ 8758, US$2341and US$345 as the prize amount won by some, the mail seemed very convincing. Not the one that wastes time on petty issues like thinking, I forwarded the mail to about 450 addresses that ranged from CA and New Zealand to Madipakkam and Palakkad.

The next day, all those 450 took a sweet revenge by forwarding the same mail to me. A born optimist, I have not stopped checking the mail box for the news that contains the subject line, ‘your cheque for (a staggering amount) has been sent.’


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