Mind-game (a freefall)

Mystery, magic and mind-games, read the title of the big hard-back book. Rocking!

I filled the name out in the membership form and brought the book home. Mystery and mind reading – that’s the realm I wanted to be in,  know more about and subsequently brag about it too. A friend who I met recently kindled the dormant fire in me by narrating an incident where she could actually travel to distant places mentally while she meditated in her apartment in Al Khuwair. ‘I can see what’s happening in that place where I order my mind to go to.” How does she conform if what she saw in her mental image was actually happening there?”

“My mental visitations (she doesn’t use the word ‘visit’ anymore. Says it is very mundane.) are always to my mom’s place or my in-laws or my sister’s or brother’s places.”

Her son who later accompanied me till my car informed me that his mom is always seen meditating, these days. ‘We can’t say if she is sleeping or meditating. Of late there are more fights between mom and dad as she is always calling our grandparents or uncles and aunts, checking out if what she saw in her meditation was true or not.’

The book that I rented out described vividly about the enigmas of mind, life after death, the unexplained phenomenon, extra sensory perception and mind-reading. There were also parts that described phenomena like crystal-gazing, card-reading, totem-pole-making and also number-codes for unlocking problem. The list was impressive. Nothing could have made me more happier!

One by one- I said to myself as I went shopping for a crystal ball (to gaze into). After raiding malls and stylish stores, I got one from a corner shop in Ruwi. For novices crystal gazing is best tried in the night, the book said. So be it.

‘Switch off all the lights. You have to light a candle next to you, and two candles right behind the crystal ball. Sitting in a straight-back chair, look into the crystal. Gradually and slowly, you will start to see something.’

Cool. As the room plunged into darkness with just the eerie shadows created by the candles, I had already begun to sense and see something. For someone who even at this age, saw super-natural movies with lights on or didn’t attempt to go to the loo without switching on the bedroom lamp, this was getting a little too much. The little voice in my head said, ‘go ahead’ and the little voice in my heart, coiled up in retreat. So with nervous energy converted into some boldness I looked into the crystal ball, which looked weird with the back-lamp effect. I must have been gazing for about twenty minutes when I saw something. Or thought I saw something. A line was moving up on the side of the ball that wasn’t facing me. (I soon interpreted it as something good about to happen to someone who wasn’t my friend.) The line that went up, came down and stopped. What happens to the good thing that’s about to happen? The line then came to the side facing me. As I looked at the lines going up and down and wondering what it meant, it struck me suddenly that the crystal ball had actually started cracking up. Seems it was too fragile to take in the heat of the candles. There were a few more lines and soon there was a crackling sound and the ball fell in two pieces knocking off the candle in the process and spreading a sheet of fire rapidly into the synthetic table sheet.

End of crystal gazing. But then that has not sagged my spirits which is still soaring high at the thought of summoning your own guardian angel and making your own lucky totem poles.


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