Dream – Miramax and Disney style

I was talking with Paul Mc Cartney when I spotted the snake right next to his leg. That was the time when he was with his second wife, Heather, who was around too but was busy seeping in the beauty of the faraway lagoon. The Vembanad Lake Retreat was the perfect place to enjoy a great holiday. The snake. Yes, the snake. It was clearly a cobra, which is found aplenty in Kerela. Thank goodness, Sir Paul was engrossed on that day’s newspaper. His relief that no news about his visit to the dreamy hamlet in Kerela was reported was of course obvious. I was petrified but fear took a back seat with my determination to save Sir Paul. The snake was ready to strike and with a slight movement from Paul or from anyone around, it would have sunk its fangs on his legs. To my horror I also noticed that the Beatle star wasn’t wearing a trainer or a boot but thin bathroom slippers. For a moment it looked as though the snake was thinking too about timing its strike. Without waiting for anything I caught the snake by the tail and flung it afar. And I got a nice, lovely kick. How thankless, I thought and wondered why in the world was he staring at me like I had woken him up from deep slumber. Indeed I had woken him, my hubby, by flinging my hand across his face, apparently flinging the snake.
While it was a great relief to know it was a dream, I was also disappointed that what could have been a real life drama had ended as a dream. Drama, did I say? A drama where Sir Paul would have appreciated my running skills, that is, if wasn’t bitten by that snake. How many of us have dreamt simple 9 to 5 dreams? Perhaps a very few. Dreams are mostly big-budget, exaggerated and very colourful that you don’t want to shrug it off as just a dream. Many of my dreams feature me as the ultimate rescuer, someone who can carry of any clothes with élan, who talks with utmost poise and intelligence, which I had interpreted as a reflection of my real life persona, knowing fully well, I was wrong. (of course, hubby dear burst out laughing when I told him this fact. The only time I had seen him laugh like this was when we were watching Mr Bean.) When I told one of my geek friends, who is also an expert in interpreting dreams, about my dreams and asked him what it could possibly mean, he told me something, which had me sulking for a long time and hubby laughing out again. What did he say? Here goes: “Your dreams are mostly about what you are not.”


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