Caught in the chain.

Chain-mails and chain SMSes. Why do they have to happen? Who is that jobless person that sets the chain in motion?
A million-dollar question and with obvious answers, none very satisfactory. Even if you have a spam-guard built in your PC, there are ways these chain-mailers will find their way into your mailbox with emails ids that read like, If you thought the emails ids sounds freaky enough, then don’t go to the subject line. It gets even worse with lines like, ‘honey I need money’, ‘are you hot or cool today’, ‘let me teach you a thing or two’, ‘this is desperate Susan knocking on ur mailbox’ and ‘heard that you are big’ and many such. Looks like there are spam-wholesalers doing a lucrative business. The first time I learnt about the spam mails was when I saw hubby blushing in front of the monitor and open one of these sugary sweet mails and the subsequent pop-ups that emerged in our monitor that could put champagne bubbles to shame. It cost us a lot of friends and money to get rid of that spyware. Yes. Thanks to the worms and Trojans in our PC, mails were automatically sent to each and every addressee in our address book. That cost us a lot of friends, who opened the mail, that they supposed was sent by us and ended up with worms and spywares. Worse still, they looked at us like we were one of those worms. One of my geeky friends, who wore rimless round frame glasses like any other geeks, told me (without taking his eyes off his monitor) that these emails that are categorized as spam have worms and spywares in them that get downloaded and embedded into your PC. Not much of a tech-person, what I understood from his words were these worms can be worse than your kids in driving you nuts.
But of late, the chain mail has taken an interesting curve. It comes with value-additions and there is no hard-sell too. Recently I got an email from my friend in New Zealand (Well the address claimed it was from her) which was actually a recipe-chain. It sounded interesting. You had to send a simple recipe to the sender and then in a separate email, forward the original email to twenty others. At the end of the week, you would have received 36 easy recipes. Well, only time (a week) will say if it is time again to take my battered PC to the dealer to take away the more virulent form of viruses that come with such homely names (Melissa, Anabel, etc), that at times you feel bad removing them.
Oh yes, I just received an SMS, with a spooky looking totem pole and a text message that says that if I send the SMS in the next five minutes to fifteen people, my phone will ring in exactly fifteen minutes to give me a good news. My phone did ring. That too in one minute and that was my friend, who gave me a piece of her not-so-good mind and told me off from sending such messages. Then I got the same SMS that I had sent her. Sweet Revenge!


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