The week that was (‘nt)

Finished reading Amish’s Shiva Trilogy part one and two. Amazing narration, brilliant research and grasp and a novel end that make the readers look for the sequel. Whoa!

Aishwarya delivered and a delirious response followed on Twitter. Can jokes be far behind, boy, no. 

“Aishwarya has delivered. Now if the other guy (Sachin) too hits his much-awaited century, India’s problems are all over.”

The doctor asked Aish’s cutie, who her mom was and the baby said yes and when asked about pop, she said (it seems) ‘no idea.’ Bad taste but the joke is circulating.

That apart, Advani continues barking.

Mamta not far behind but even the dogs and bitches wouldnt understand her barking.

A Raja continues to defiantly drag Chidambaram.

Chidambaram continues to look cool wiping his sweat every 5 mts.

KBC done for the season. Big B rocks….love him. Incidentally when are they opening the lines for Gulfees?

Waiting for the next bout of holidays. When when when???



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