More boy than others….

It was one of  those days when I was feeling a little low esp since I heard stories on how boys (read son) of my sonnie’s age acted like saints – not asking for anything like pocket money everyday to buy soft drinks and sandwich, not asking for PSP cds, not bargaining about the time spent to do lessons, eating whats is served and going to sleep normally and not text under the duvet.
To make matters worse, son came with two answer papers with red bold lines running across indicating the flunked status.
So there I was sitting with a sullen face and next to me sat my son with an equally sullen face. But the reasons (for sullenness) differed. He was long-faced because, I didnt let him join his friends as they came asking for him to come and play. He reasoned or rather tried reasoning by saying that his friends didnt appear happy or cheerful when they came to call him. Oh yes, I remember that. They looked forlorn. Oh yes, that was indicative of their feeling towards their friend’s (failed) marks. Of course, prompted but then couldnt appreciate the thoughtfulness of designing this scheme hatched as they (would have) parted ways after school that afternoon.
So giving in to his reasoning I allowed him to play.
When he came back, he didnt appear very cheerful and his friends who came with him looked equally cheerless. But then unknown to them, I had gone on a discreet check as they were playing in the lawn and saw their boisterous guffaw and cheer.
Boys are boys…..only some are more boys than others…..


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