Boo to you Jeremy F – – – – – – Clarkson

So the uncouth motormouth Jeremy took jibes at India.

and the Indian high-commission is fuming and fretting.

What exactly did he do?

well, he took a jibe at the lack of hygiene/sanitation in India and drove around in his Jaguar with a toilet fixed, outside, not inside, then he stripped to his underwear (but well-suited and padded crotch-above) in front of his Indian guests that included an Indian lady and hung seemingly good posters on railway coaches that became obscene when the carraiges moved and the banner split. check the links down.



Like every other greedy TV Moghuls, BBC’s Top Gear Producer too wanted to tap the potential of Indian market for his TV programme. After all, TRP matters right, India or the UK?

He writes this to Indian High Commission to allow him the rights for shooting his programme.




21 July 2011


From Chris Hale, Top Gear producer, to Indian High Commission, London


‘Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May will travel across India in three cars filming a light hearted road trip focusing on the journey and the inevitable idiosyncrasies of the cars they will drive, as well as the country and scenery we see along the way.


‘There will be spontaneous interaction between the presenters and their environment, and potentially people they meet along the way. This will be in an incidental manner, not interviews.

‘Key ingredients of what we film will be beautiful scenery, busy city scenes, local charm and colour within these locations, areas to illustrate the local car culture that exists in India.’

After the programme this is what Indian High Commission Office wrote to Hale.


6 January 2012


From Indian High Commission to Mr Hale


cc Mark Thompson, BBC director general


‘The programme was replete with cheap jibes, tasteless humour and lacked cultural sensitivity. This is not clearly what we expect of the BBC. I write this to convey our deep disappointment over the documentary for its content and the tone of the presentation.

‘You are clearly in breach of the agreement that you had entered into, completely negating our constructive and proactive facilitation. We strongly protest and expect the BBC to make amends, especially to assuage the hurt sentiments of a large number of people.’


In a typically expected move, Downing Street has distanced itself from the incident. The onus is now on the programme producer to come out with an apology, or the motormouth himself with an apology. But knowing the stiff upper lip, and the nose-in-the-air-British attitude, this may well not come!!!


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