Some sounds stir the same emotion every time…..

ente palakkad

Circa 1990…

I was in my FY B Com.

As exam time neared, like it was a mandatory custom, etched in students’ genetic code, I would sit through the night and day to finish what looked like alien subjects to me!

Sometimes the hours of study would start pretty late and go into mid-morning hours.

We clearly didn’t belong to the generation that finds staying up till 6 in the morning easier than waking up at that time!

So, while the small little world around me was going into deeper REMs and intense sleep, I would be poring over the management accountancy’s books and wondering why in the world did I enroll for this course….

Apart from the content of the book, a few other things too got registered into my sub-conscious  mind, purely because of the regularity of the rhythm, I  think.

A distant dog bark at 1230 was a given as was the steam-engine’s shrill horn at quarter past two. Our colony was just a kilometre away from the busy Palakkad junction railway station and the various sounds, starting from the shunting of the engine to the shrill whistle of the station master would be audible, especially during the still and silent night hours.

At quarter past three, the KSRTC super fast bus would literally fly in the main road,  the variation of the speed so audible as it neared the stop, that was not very far from our pad.

Years later, last month, when  I had gone to Palakkad, I could actually notice  that nothing much had changed in the routine.

As I tossed and turned in the bed,  sleep clearly cackling at me with a gay abandon, I heard the unmistakable roar of a speeding bus and I immediately took my mobile to check the time.

It was quarter past three!tamarind tree



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