Ahhhh…that’s embarassing…..


well, that’s embarrassing…lolll


All of us have gone through embarrassing moments in our life. My mentor always said that the embarrassing moments are very important learning curves in one’s life. Oh yes. By his logic then my life would seem like a mountain-path – full of curves.

 ‘Without these moments we may never learn the small but important lessons that they teach us, he would say.

Some people have such moments sparsely thrown in while others like me have a knack of not missing any such.

Standing close to a David Beckham’s wax statue at the  Madam Tussauds Wax Museum in London for a snapshot,  and finding his hands around you is certainly embarrassing. He was a DB lookalike, who was having a gala time, not that the girls and the ladies had any objection!


Going to the stage to play your part and hearing the male prompter’s voice much louder than yours is not a very happy situation to be in. Well the prompter was too tensed to take the lapel mike off. Fair enough.

Trying to reverse park your car and failing miserably is another classic embarrassing moment that most women might have gone through. Me no exception!

Arriving late for a press conference (during the journalistic days), through the front door (you tried the back door but darn, that’s locked), as many eyes follow you amid deep silence is embarrassing too.

Putting things in the wrong shopping cart and pushing it towards the billing counter when the original owner of the cart comes running behind you….

Walking through a glass door and retracting with a loud bang…

Wearing skirts and finding the weather turn windy and what more you have to walk quite a distance from the parking lot to get to your office…

Getting into a gym without knowing to use the treadmill or balance the cross-trainer and ending up in grotesque postures…

The whacky moments don’t end here. It just goes on adding that inevitable curves in our lifeImage



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