My IPL pet peeves and thrills

My IPL pet peeves and thrills – In bullet points:


  • Why does Priety ‘whoa’ and ‘wow’ every time the camera pans on her? Old habits die hard? Poor thing has no movie to save her life, in her kitty!
  • Why doesn’t Ness mention Preity’s name when he talks about how they chose the players for this IPL? Its always him and the Bangar guy. Looks like they hired Preity just one grade above the cheerleaders.
  • Why does Nita look like she is stuck with an asinine smile?
  • Where is her fat, cute son? Watching the match from Antilla, we guess
  • Why does Kohli look irritated always? We should be the ones to look irritated with him…
  • Has SRK realized that he nor his daughter aren’t going to bring any winning luck to KKR and hence missing?
  • Yuvraj is a pleasure to watch as always!
  • Vijay Mallya seems to be suffering from the collective curse of the KF employees who were not paid their salaries


  • Maxwell is being auditioned for next Twilight series. With his chalk white face and snake-eyes, he might well get selected.
  • Gayle is a fail this time. Sad!
  • The Zuzu ads are awww so cute…but not the ones with the creepy crawlies…eekss
  • What language do they speak? The Zuzus….
  • Why is every ad laced with a social message? Be it an ad for fan, cement or tea?
  • Thank God, the deo and condoms ads have not gone the message way….
  • If you want to hate Dhoni, watch that fan ad…well, you could hate that chchachchu girl first….
  • Dhoni’s wife is quite restrained with her hubby’s winning streaks. A demure handshake here and there…that’s it…
  • Where’s Shilpa? Counting the moolah raked in by her Spa in Mumbai?
  • Ravi Shashtri, the Pappu Gandhi of the commentating world….does he have any clue what he is talking about?
  • Shibani looks and talks much better than Archana Vijaya….


  • Noticed the major contributors to runs department are the firgangi players? And we call this IPL…talk of misnomers….




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