Some of the news that made headlines in recent times



A face with a powdery patch so visible is an embarrassment for anyone.

Imagine Angelina Jolie facing a battery of photographers and paparazzi with this huge powdery patch on her face!

And what did flash bulbs catch? The patch exactly.

Brad Pitt was seen wearing a cooler and possibly that was the reason even he missed that!

But looking at that patch, one cannot but wonder, how can anyone in any deep shades of cooler can miss it!

Mother’s day was throwback day for many.

For many new celebrity mothers, it was a moment to bring their cuddly cute babies to the fore without a flinch.

So we had the superstar of the tots, Milan Pique, Shakira’s absolutely adorable son posing with his mom, almost eating off her nose! This is what we call the ‘cuteness overload’.


When it comes to flashing a moment of fame, can you forget Kim (of Kardashian fame!)?


So there she was in a vintage black and white photo with her cute daughter North.

 Even Justin Bieber shared a photo with his pretty mom, who, the media is blaming for bringing up a monster, who eggs his neighbors house and pees in a tub of water meant for mopping the floor.


On other news, we had George Clooney crooning with his lady love for now, the Lebanese chic Amal Alamuddin, daughter of a retired professor at the American University of Lebanon and who has been in the UK for a while and who represented Julian Assange in his trials and who was voted by a jobless glossy in the UK, as the most glamourous lawyer in the UK. The wedding bells, we hear will ring on 12 September this year.


So long for now!


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