Prince Philip, Sylvestor the Cheetah, TGV fast train blunder and the big Indian Drama King

Prince Philip is known for his acid-dipped comments and repartee.

So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise when the staff at a newly opened family planning clinic were subject to the Prince’s tongue-in-cheek comment when he said, ‘at least you are all legitimate’!

The cute Royals….

This is the cutest of the royal couple, if you would ask me. William and fake-smile Kate, cant come even miles close to Phil-Eli couple.

 Mistakes happen and can happen to anyone. But a mistake that costs up to 20 Billion USD can be a little too unhealthy for the concerned coffers.

The snafu happened with none other than France’s main train company and national rail operator, SNCF, which also runs the prestigious TGV fast trains.

Fat and not fit

What was the mistake actually? They ordered a fleet of news trains and found out later, that they were too fat to fit in the platforms. Sigh!

The brand new handsome trains arriving at terminal five will be…er…. completely stuck. The fat trains  calls for the modernisation of 1,300 platforms out of a total of 8,700 in the French railways.”

Shave platform mission to begin soon in France….



Sylvestor was an abandoned cheetah cub that was picked up and nurtured with love and care by Ed Oelofse, from Zimbabwe, who happens to be a professional animal carer at the Wild Horizons Wildlife Sanctuary, Victoria Falls. It is so heartwarming to see the bond shared by Ed and Sylvie. They even take selfies together! I mean, Ed takes the selfie while Sylvestor poses.

 Arvind Drama Kejriwal wouldn’t have expected this photo to make the runs at the media-mill, which so beautifully sums up people’s view of him – mean, cunning and a shameless hypocrite .

I am a mean, calculating hypocrite…you can see that right???

His wife is the only one who looks aam in the entire coterie. Oh, wait, his wife, who is a serving IRS officer, has said, it seems,  that her husband did not ask bail since he’s not criminal. uh…ohhh…that’s not very aam!

The sweet defeat of the loud-mouthed former managing editor of CNN IBN turned AAP(loud)mouth-piece, Ashutosh was the best news of last week, apart from various other wins and losses.


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