Delightful misnomers!!!

This is an old compilation, just about to see the light of the day NOW!

There are some places, which like some of the Hollywood movies are total moronic misnomers.

Batman Airport (BAL), Turkey


Batman Airport lies in the south-east corner of Turkey and is the gateway to the Anatolia region that has some spectacular historical sites and also the more modern Ataturk Dam Lake and water-sports centre. #Batmanscreamshappy

Useless Loop (USL), Australia


Not so useless, the Useless Loop is located in Western Australia’s Shark Bay – a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Less than 1,000 people live here and with a coastline of 1,500 kilometres, Useless Loop bay is home to thousands of sea cows and dolphins and hundreds of species of birds and reptiles. #uselessisuseful

Mafia Airport (MFA), Tanzania


If visitors feel a little uneasy upon landing in this airport, rest assured that it is just a fleeting feeling. A few hundred kilometres to the west lies the sprawling Selous Game Reserve, home to more elephants, hippos and crocodiles than any other African park. #mafiamisplaced

Ogle Airport (OGL), Guyana


You cannot get away with seriously indecent ogling, just because the name of the airport is such, Six miles east of Guyana’s capital, Georgetown, lies the delightfully-named airport. If you didn’t know, Georgetown’s attractions include in its faded colonial architecture and riotous nightlife. #ogleatyourexpense


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