On a wet rainy day…..


The weather was still overcast and a mild drizzle prevailed.

The second day of summer shower in Switzer-wonderful-land continued without a break.

Rain or sunshine, Trummelbach Falls, it was for me. 

Deep inside the belly of the mountain, in the verdant and quaint Lauterbrunnen Valley, there is a huge and mighty waterfall – Trummelbach Falls. Fed by ten glaciers, the mighty falls roars down fast and furious, carrying 20,000 litres of water per second, that the deafening sound  can be heard from quite a distance. Then, come winter, the waterfall freezes completely. Then, it is the  silence that is deafening!


Driving around in Swiss could the best experience one can ever think of, be it by the train or by the  bus. Our bus sped through the river banks that reflected the colourful imagery of the surrounding verdant  mountains. Moving away from rivers and rivulets, it snaked through hamlets and valleys and finally reached the Lauterbrunnen Valley.  From here it was just a short distance to the base of the falls. There is a restaurant/cafeteria next to the bus stop from where wafts the lovely aroma  of fresh-brewed coffee, cookies, pastries and soft rolls.

From where the bus dropped us, there was a small canal, with rapid-rushing water and a cute little bridge. We crossed the bridge and could hear the unmistakable roar of the waterfall. Trummelbach falls  is not like any other water-falls.   The waterfall is lodged inside a mountain, and the only part visible from outside, is when the water gushes out from the base of the mountain and is channelized into the canal.

 The short walk from the bus stop to the base of the falls is an amazing one.  The entire place, is an expansive patch of green turf, lined with bright yellow and white flowers and other flora and fauna.  The canal that runs parallel to the turf  has tall trees flanking it. At a distance was the Alps towering over the moonscape.


The slanting elevator inside the mountains, at the base, takes you up till one point from where you can go further up through the staircase. Inside, the light is dim,  steps are slippery and the din of the waterfall gives you the company!


There are vantage points that deviates from the steps and juts slightly into the waterfall chamber , from where you can get a closer look at the falls. Imagine a flight of steps inside a steep cave within a mountain that runs parallel to the furiously cascading waterfalls!  What separates you from the falls are the iron railings! The force of the water is so much that you sway as you get closer to it. Mighty, majestic, and forever in a galloping rush, the falls reminded me of the famous lines ‘for men may come and men may go, but I go on forever.’



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