The Cinque Terre folly


The folly is not Cinque Terre but me. The trip set to explore the beautiful set of 5 Italian villages accessed through trekking, boat ride and train rides was bloody tiring. Irrespective of the handsome tour guide Steffano, Mediterranean shining like someone had dumped a sea-load of diamonds, the trek WAS a boo for me, with the June heat beating mercilessly through the thin as net Ozone layer.  

Opt if you must for this trek, but do it during the spring, fall or winter months. Avoid June/July like plague.
Believe me, the organised coach tours are like military holidays….do it your own if you have the health, willingness and a good company for it.




  1. I always hated these organised coach tours. yes, like a military holidays … no time to take in appreciate the beauty of the place which is the prime purpose. Its all about been there, seen them, photo-ops for the album….

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