Reckless boys, reckless cows and the cute dolphins….

Young and reckless boys

It was a sweltering hot midday at the Daliganj Railway Bridge in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.
From one side, there was this speeding passenger train entering the railway bridge across the fast-flowing River Gomti…
Suddenly a group of teenage boys ran out in front of the train….
What were they up to?
As the train inched closer to them, they dived across the track into the swell Gomti River below.

This is not a Hindi movie shooting.
This is how a group of teenage boys in Daliganj pump up their adrenaline requirement.
The news was reported by a UK based tabloid. The police don’t/can’t catch them because 1) the timing of the train which is close to mid day when the cops don’t want to stir out of their comfortable confines to a place like this and 2) even if they do come, they can do very little, claim these boys, as they cannot run and jump after these boys.
Wonder how Arnab would react if he gets this news? News Hour debate on Boys will be boys taking a new turn…..

Young and reckless cows

Grass is always greener on the other side, thought these cows in Switzerland. The herd of young 8 cows tried to cross the river the Canton of Graubunden in Eastern Switzerland and got stuck in the rising current. They were given tranquiliser shots and were airlifted to safety in a mission that lasted five hours. After reaching the safe turf, they were again seen looking at the opposite bank.


In her latest book ‘Dolphin Confidential: Confessions of a Field Biologist’, Maddalena Bearzi, president and co-founder of the Ocean Conservation Society, has shared a cute and heart-touching account of how a school of dolphins broke their feeding circle and moved further offshore to a spot where a girl was drowning. The research team following the dolphins, rescued the girl, who would have died had not the help arrived there on time.

You might also have read how Adam Walker, the leading British open water swimmer, and one of the leading adventurers in the Oceans Seven challenge was famously surrounded and protected by dolphins on his Cook Strait crossing when threatened by sharks in April this year.


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