A cute huge lap dog….

There are some dogs that are not aware of their size. Imagine a 14 stone dog plonking on your lap. But the dollops of  innocence oozing out of their eyes and the sweet creatures that they are, get the owners and any dog-lover for that matter, to treat them like a lap dog.

Not a bear….just a well-behaved dog

A Leonberger is a breed of magnificent dogs that can weigh 170 pounds but are incredibly disciplined, loyal, and gentle.

Here are some more hilarious dog pictures.

Ohh…no…not the vet….
I am a King and I ride a DOG…..

Have you seen a tiger with the Down’s  Syndrome? Their features aren’t any different from a human baby with the DS.  This is Kenny, considered first tiger with DS. He died at age nine in 2008 of cancer.


What happens when it snows, when it is not supposed to snow? This happens…..and this happened in Colorado.


Snow during spring is not a very rare phenomenon. It has happened in the past in many places. A bit of a shower during the summer is a welcome change. A slight deviation from the routine is always welcome. But then to have an entire house painted black in a row of bright red and white coloured houses, is something extraordinary and scary. Wonder what prompted this man in Germany to try this.





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