Gandhi in Amsterdam

Tough to believe?


We saw, we went and ate in Gandhi restaurant and gave our own three Michelin stars to this lovely eating joint in the busy Rembrandt square (or was it Dam square) in the beautiful, crowded city of Amsterdam.
The Dutch are very friendly, helpful and talk superb English, (unlike the snobbish French)
We used our own deducing to recognize a Dutch, which were: if they use cycle locks of extraordinary thickness, they are Dutch, if they are walking the dogs, they are Dutch, if they look sober, friendly and smiley, they are Dutch….just as simple.


The museums are many in Amsterdam, and they are boring, if you are not an art of history buff. But then the way they are maintained, deserves special respect.
Though the entire city looks like one swell garden, there are designated gardens at every corner of this city and its nearabouts. Well manicured, and with natural ponds and canals meandering through the parks, you will be surprised at the pervading silence inside these parks. People who come to the park, visibly commune with the nature. Even the toddlers, and pets that come here carry on silently with their mischief.

Not many cars ply on the roads. When you have the very convenient tram, the tried and trusted pillar of transport in Amsterdam, one doesn’t really need a car.
The separate lane for cyclists is another blessing for the residents here. The tourists need to be careful though in not straying to the cycling lane while walking. I did and almost got knocked by a speeding cyclist.

Heineken is Holland’s own thingy. The brewery is a must visit/must see. For people like me, it was damn enjoyable. Only thing I struggled with was when questions were asked on beer trivia. No no no….I answered them correctly and hence the dilemma, since the reward for every correct answer was half a pint of Heineken. Luckily with Ashok near me, pints became a piece of cake!!!

There is a dance floor, brew it yourself station, practice your bar-tending capabilities, games and many other activity based information kiosks that makes this tour more memorable.
Remember Bull Dog if you must (for safe consumption of you-know-what)
Red Light District is not as attractive as it looks in brochures.
Better scenes can be watched in public places, trains and trams.
Indian restaurants are found in every street.

I personally liked Heavenly Made with Love restaurant in the Dam Square (or was it Rembrandt Square?)
Run by a young Goan, Pam, the restaurant served us some really spicy Chicken Vindaloo and Paprika veggie soup.

Vondel Park is rad!
So is everything about the place…!



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