Best views from the cockpit; and of course from your window seat. (as revealed by some of the BA pilots)

The best seat in an aircraft is always  the pilot’s seat from where you get the best views. Obviously. A UK-based tabloid checked with some of the pilots working with British Airways on the best views from their seat , and here is their top-10 list.
The good news is that the view from window seat comes next in terms of the best view. (way behind the first…if you ask me!)
1 Northern Lights – on North American flights

Divine eerie lights
Divine eerie lights

2 Central London – Approach into Heathrow

London Dazzling....
London Dazzling….

3 Mont Blanc – Approach to Pisa

Shimmering Blanc
Shimmering Blanc

4 Sydney Harbour – Departure from Sydney


5 Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and bay – Approach into San Francisco


6 Greenland – North Atlantic flights

7 Venetian canals – Approach into Venice

venetian canal
8 Table Mountain – Approach into Cape Town

table mountain
9 Dubrovnik – Approach into Dubrovnik

10 Mount Fuji – Approach or Departure from Tokyo (Narita)

mount fiji


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