Brazilian moments takes centre stage…feverish pitch accelerates as the finals near

Some Football news as the FIFA 2014 World Cup Football matches are coming to a end.

Shakira will be performing at the concluding ceremony. Her lacklustre lalala will finally find some redeeming moments since you can see the pretty singer crooning the number on stage. Shakira – always a pleasure to watch (not so much in the listening department…).



Rumors are flying thick and fast about Neymar planning a trip to Kerala for treating his broken back. Not a confirmed news though. Beckhem has posted pictures of him and Neymar taken during pre-broken-back days. Awwww!

Man U’s Rooney and his wife Coleen were miles away from the football world stage of Brazil, and were spotted in a resort in Las Vegas lazing in a pool while his team mates were undergoing rigorous training for the pre-season. But then he was called back by the team manager to join his team mates. Sad!


Now for a bit of Indian angle to this topic – actor John Abraham and the waking-talking caricature Gaurav Kapur, made all Indians hang their head in shame with their pre and post match analysis and discussions. This is not IPL guys to talk nonsense…on the brighter side, Sidhu was not there.

Time then folks for the grand finale…..!!!


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