ekil ti….(that’s as farthest as I could in reverse reading)


‘Kaleidoscope’. Read it backwards and be amazed. Just kidding. It doesn’t really mean anything but how long did you take to read that backwards? 10 seconds? I took a minute to read the word as it is. Let alone reading it backwards. 

But here’s what. A few days back I was checking out a Lil Wayne and Rick Ross music video, “The Thug Cry” (which sucked d**k..just saying) and I happened to find a video of this chick who can say any word you give her, backwards, in 3 seconds. I don’t know how I got to that video but HOLY SHIT, I was mind blown. Her peeps around her are just there throwing words at her and she says it backwards in less than three seconds. Dammit! I can’t say my own name backwards. Oklahoma girl, Alyssa Kramer has a pretty cool talent. (I can roll my tongue and…

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