Warning: Graphic Video, that apparently does not violate Facebook’s “community standards.”

Gross…..really sad….


Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t look like he gives two shits about what is being posted on Facebook. If he does and isn’t doing anything about it, he is guaranteed to be hated by many. There are a whole lot of pages on the social networking site that discourage drug trafficking, human trafficking, bullying and so on. There are videos that are being circulated all over Facebook promoting animal abuse. Apparently it was made in Mexico in 2012 and its still on. (c’mon Mark, you remove pictures of people smoking weed and you can’t remove this?what message are you trying to give to the people?). And who is making these videos? A bunch of high school kids (in need of desperate help). I can’t even being to explain how awful these videos are. It hurts my heart knowing that there are people, such sadistic people who could cause so much pain animals…

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