News Hour – yesterday, today, tomorrow

News Hour with the very eminent journalist Arnab Goswami on Times Now channel

On the panel:

Vaidik (you know who)

Sanjay Jha – the barking rep from Congress

Mahesh Jethmalani – sarcasm personified

The dude who talks tough and always takes Arnab’s side

One silent BJP rep who seems too sleepy to be a panelist

Arnab: First of all, can you hear me Mr.Vaidik?

Vaidik: Yes, I can.

Arnab: I want a straight answer (repeats it for, well, 3 times). What was the purpose of meeting a terrorist who perpetrated 26/11. India wants to know. What is the agenda? If you are saying that you went as a journalist, where is the transcript? do you have it.

Vaidik: I have interviewed many people in the past…

Arnab butts in…but answer me, do you have the transcirpt?

Vaidik butts in,: you listen to me

Arnab: you listen

Vaidik: you listen

Arnab: you are being stupid

Vaidik: you are being stupid

Arnab: Don’t raise your voice. The whole India and 37 nations are watching you.

Vaidik: they are watching you as well

Others look on and this goes on and since Arnab finally meets his match, his ego is hurt and is ranting about it even now.

This is News Hour in short for today and the coming days!



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