He is a frogger who is a raider and deserves to be in a bone-orchard….

‘What a frogger he is? ‘
‘He must have been a roider, gone wrong with the dosage again!’
‘At this rate, he will soon be in bone-orchard!’
Feeling meh, reading the above…
Get a hang of some of the interesting American vocabulary….read on….

Interesting American Vocabulary
Bone-orchard (UK+ US slang 1900s) a cemetery
Hamster care (US slang 1999) high-volume health care in which patients are not given specialized attention
Hollywood no (US slang 1992) a lack of response (to a proposal, phone call, message etc.)
Frogger(US slang 1980s) to change lanes rapidly while driving in an attempt to get ahead of the traffic
Ackamarackus (US slang 1933) pretentious nonsense, bullshit
Meh (US slang from “The Simpsons2003) boring, apathetic or unimpressive
Wooden swearing (US slang b1935) showing anger by acts of violence or roughness, as in knocking furniture about
Roider (US slang 2005) someone who injects illegal steroids to enhance his body
Reveal party (US current slang) a party held to celebrate successful cosmetic treatment, especially cosmetic surgery or dentistry
Individual States
Endo (US slang San Francisco 1987) a bicycling accident in which the rider is thrown over the handlebars
Banana fold (US slang North Carolina 2006) fat below the buttocks
Pudding ring (US slang Florida 2004) facial hair made up of a moustache and a goatee
Chubb (US slang North Carolina 2006) fat around the kneecaps
Hail damage (US slang Minnesota 2006) cellulite (from its pitted appearance being similar to the effects of hail)
Boondock (Tennessee campus slang b1950) to neck, to pet or make love in an automobile
Monet (California High School girls talk 1990s) a woman who resembles an Impressionist painting (i.e. she looks attractive from a distance but not so close up)
Rubber arms (California slang 2006) surfers who turn to catch a wave, making all the paddling movements, but never really go anywhere
Trashlifter (Californian slang) a heavy rain (loglifter: a really heavy rain)
Swoop and squat (US slang Washington 2005) to drive and pull in front of another vehicle and slam on the brakes, deliberately causing an accident to collect the insurance money
Jump salty (US slang California 1996) to become angry
Dynoing (US slang Colorado 1992) leaping to a distant or out-of-reach hand hold
Slave (US slang Colorado 1992) an affectionate term for non-climbers willing to handle the safety rope all day
Hang-dogging (US slang Colorado 1992) a derogatory term for inexperienced climbers who hang on the rope while attempting feats beyond their ability
New York
Cuddle puddle (US slang New York 2002) a heap of exhausted ravers
Mugwump (New York 1884) one who holds more or less aloof from party politics, professing disinterested and superior views
Taxi (US slang 1930) between 5 and 15 years’ imprisonment (from the fares in cents displayed in New York taxis)
Smirting (US slang New York 2003) flirting between people who are smoking cigarettes outside a no-smoking office, pub, etc.
Make one’s bones (US slang New York 1969) to kill a person as a requirement for membership in a criminal gang
Excerpt from Adam Jacot de Boinod’s The Meaning of Tingo and Other Extraordinary Words from around the World, published by Penguin Books.


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