FAQ about MH 17

There are many questions looming large in the minds of the people about the unthinkable tragedy of MH 17. Occult theories, conspiracies and blame games apart, these are some points that everyone wants an explanation for. While some queries are answerable even by a layperson,there are some questions that demands and rightly so, a response from an authoritative yet credible quarter:

Who fired the missile
If widespread reports, coming from reliable quarters are to be believed, the pro-Russian group fired the missile. Pro-Russian group? what are you talking about?  Click here and know more. Separatists and what they want?
Why did the pilot fly at 32,000 and not 35,000
If reports are to be believed, due to traffic congestion, the pilot was asked to fly at an altitude of 32K even though he asked for clearance for 35K. :more on this here
Which country do these people that fired the missile belong to?
They all (almost all of the Western Media and Ukraine)say they are Russian –  Pro-Russian separatists to be specific.
Who are accountable for their action?
Going by the first link, it is easy for you to know that.
Why can’t the people responsible and accountable take any action?
Are you joking??? On a more serious note, this is THE question that is asked in different tones and voices by the UN, US, UK, Ukraine, many other nations and the relatives of the passengers in the doomed flight. We are all waiting:(
What did they gain by shooting down the plane?
A mistake happened. The moment Russian rebels realize they shot a civilian aircraft by mistake
Will they ever find the person who did this? and the one ordered this to be done?
The entire world is waiting. But then, like someone (very well-known and important, sad I don’t remember), during war the first casualty is the truth.


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