Modi meets Obama – dinner is served


But Modi had only warm water since he was fasting.

Here is an excerpt (thanks to of the conversation that happened between them:

  • When US President Barack Obama met Prime Minister Modi, he said, “Kem cho, Mr PM”
  • PM Modi laid out his hopes and aspirations, his development vision
  • Modi gifted Obama a special edition of Gita by Mahatma Gandhi, a copy of Martin Luther King’s speech in 1959 when he visited India, a photo of him at Rajghat, which PM Modi has framed
  • There was general consensus to work together towards (issues like) Ebola and Afghanistan
  • In a first of its kind, PM Modi and US President Obama are to pen a joint editorial for a leading publication
  • They exchanged anecdotes of how they saw their first few months in office, that is also a way of understanding each other
  • Modi kept his fast and only drank warm water while Obama and other guests enjoyed an exquisite meal
  • US First Lady Michelle Obama was not present for the dinner30obama-dinner3

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