When you drift between the past and present….

A gentle whiff of a familiar fragrance is enough to evoke a strong sense of nostalgia in me.

These days it is getting just too overwhelming.

I then drift to a distant land of mango groves, rainy days, simple joys of living and endless laughter and everything good…

A sliver of memory of a bad friend comes in between but then it was long forgotten…so no worries.

Mom’s specially aromatic food, comes alive and I can actually see the steam arising out of it.

Dad’s jokes rings in my ears and his smile and laughter stabs through my heart now. Oh, I do miss you dad….hope you are born again and happy somewhere…

Then a shrill phone ring  takes every bit of the beautiful reminiscing of old memories away…

Till a whiff of a familiar fragrance passes by, I drown myself into the mundane.