Whelping time and after – not an easy job 😳

Tanya, my five year old pet shih tzu moved slowly towards the bedroom and hid under the cot. She was pregnant and was just a day shy of her due date. As per my vet, the dogs, when they are about to deliver will move towards a quite place. I could see was doing that and had to check if she had crowned. 

She had. I called my friend who had attended to whelping successfully.  He came and took a look and said Tanya will deliver in half an hour but she needed help. Putting on the gloves he he eased the crowning process. In fifteen minutes the first pup came out. Girl! 😀 she looked like a rat. 

  Then came the boy. Two rat-looking pups 😃Tanya didnt cry or even moan slightly.

   She was always such a well behaved grand lady. The placenta came out last which Tanya didn’t want to even sniff. The newborns snuggled close to their mother and the mandatory lick from Tanya to her pups were not coming. We were worried but not for long. 

They bonded so beautifully well and it was a great sight to see the pups growing, playing together with their proud mom looking at them.



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