Today’s thoughts!

!People change. They change because their priorities change.

I have thought about it many times, about the ways people change…

They change because they want to impress people…

or they want to bring in some conscious change in their life for the better…

Some change because they have been asked to change, by their spouse, girl friend or their children…

Some change because they want a sustained society acceptance….aha…this is where I bang my head against a solid wall….

society accepts you as you are….remember, you are an unknown when you first interacted with them. If they have accepted you as are, you don’t change for a sustained acceptance. Get it?

Faking on a long-term basis draws every bit of energy and at the end, you can no longer do it. What? with hearing aid, bald patches (more for women these days than men), forgotten phony accent that suddenly comes in as a sliver of memory (and making an ass of you, sorry) and the nasal twang which sounded stylish for the phony accent then, which has given way to creaky voice…

Well, I recently bumped into someone, who opened my thoughts gallery….


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