It is a sad world that you live in….

Only something like an UFO invasion or another 9/11 will erase the memory of MH 370 out of our minds. While the vast majority point fingers of this aircraft proving to be a collateral damage to avoid a greater damage to the world,nothing is as yet proven.

God forbid, but a collateral damage of this extent perhaps is unthinkable for a modern society. But look at all the terrorism infested places and the videos that are triumphantly posted, boasting newer and incredibly nastier methods of torture techniques. Isn’t anyone thinking of lives lived like death and how to rescue the humanity?A solution with a collateral damage to contain the situation anyone?

Sad moments like this continue to pop out from time to time. Like the live telecast of of the unexpected killing of local TV anchors of WDBJ TV in Moneta ,Virginia. An ex-employee of the TV channel, an Afro-American, who was known to be a trouble-maker, was the man who went trigger-happy with his gun. He killed the anchor and the cameraman while they were on their morning segment news coverage. Later when he was chased by the police, he killed himself.

Whatever it is,  incidents such as this leave you in a state of limbo – helpless and completely direction less…but only for a while…then life goes on…it has to….


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