When Jonas hit NY

23 Jan 2016

It started at almost 12 Midnight. Jonas! The slow drizzle of snowflakes accumulated into quite a bulk by next day morning. Modified sledges were about to make their entry into the 8th avenue. Oh and they did….

By now the NYPD vehicles were  



  everywhere. The snow clearing trucks making their rounds in quick succession only to find snow filling the roads faster than they cleared it! Snow flakes fall beautifully and poetically down and even as they caress your skin they leave a lovely feeling. But to see the ny roads that were so dry and noisy turn into swathes of snow with not much of vehicles was indeed strange. The New Yorkers though were undeterred. We saw them enjoying the snow and ice with a gay abandon!!!! Love New York. The amazing city for all seasons and reasons. #timessquare #newyork #nypd #centralpark