Awesome Dubai!


Yeah. I could see the people getting aware of the power they could exude with their traditional dresses. But the nose that is so up needs to change the angle towards the acute angle side. Yes, exactly.

The officers at the Immigration take the pleasure of calling the visitors with a flick of their fingers….rude, did you say?  but that’s how they are …

Yeah, Dubai is awesome…

Step outside, the taxis are a welcoming lot. You tell them your destination. Even before you finish the name, they just know it. As you join the highway, the smart driver pops the question: exactly where you want to go….you tell him…and then he is like, you tell me the way….and your head is a mash-up of cuss words….

Awesome…oh yeah….

A word about my country cousins who believe they are a cut above the rest just because of their Dubai-residency status. They are beaten blue in competition with the more flamboyant Levant citizens, given peanuts in comparison to salary structures and treated not any better than a bonded slave…but allow them to strut in the ramp of GCC parade, they claim one-upmanship, above the rest of their counterparts. Well, claim they do, and others just laugh it off. The common line?  “We are pampered by Dubai’. Seriously!


As the Silicon Oasis, Meydan and the Walk, talk of the glitz and shine of a first world country, a little away and not so far are the places like Sonpur and Muhaisna which have conditions worse than a third world country. So much so that National Geographic did a report on this aspect and facet of Dubai.


Muhaisana is where the hostel facilities of the colleges and universities of Dubai is located. While some collages have their own dorms within their campus, some, in fact many, rely on the facility built and maintained by Etisalat in Muhaisna, known as the Etisalat Academy.

The thought of building swaggering swanky malls, tallest, biggest and opulent best seem to be the only vision available.

For example, there are no decent super markets near the Etisalat Academy. The only one available nearby (which again is dangerous to be reached walking) is a convenient shop attached to a filling station. We tried walking and were chased by a car filled with Indian/Pakistani/Bangladeshi guys. We trudged further into the sand dunes where the car couldn’t have ventured and they drove off. But I was told that this a common occurrence. Awesome!

One of my friends wanted to check her Hindu almanac available online, but alas, this and many other such simple websites were blocked here! I don’t know how far this is true because I haven’t checked on this honestly! When I get there, I am always in a hurry to get back to Muscat that the only website I check is that of the  airlines’, to check the online check-in.

And yet there are some, read many, who dream of nothing but Dubai.

To them and others like them: get real and get a grip on your life!




  1. So, about your application to write for the Dubai Tourist Board…. Seriously, this sounds like a place to avoid. I’ve never been there, and now I’ll be sure I never do. Ah, home sweet home!

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