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If you are a Tamil Brahmin, you’ll feel pretty nostalgic reading this post. You would have heard these lines at least once from your amma, appa or your various athais and paatis.

  1. “Maths le evlo?”


Let me tell you something, being Brahmin and having below average scores in Mathematics is absolutely terrifying.

Lavanya (super smart neighbor) enna mark vanguna? ninety fiva??

2. “Tanni Tukki Kudi”


Why? so that the neighbours can hear me gulp down that glass of… scratch that..tumbler of water? It’s either that or – “Ecchil pannadhe di”.

3. “Enna Nyaabagam irukka?”


That woman you met at one of your second cousin’s wedding, she’ll end up being your paati’s brother’s wife’s mother that you met when you were six months old.
O mami, nyaabagam irukku!

4. “Sandi Kalattula enna tukkam vendi kadakku?”


You know the drill after that. If you’re a girl – “po namaskaaram pannu”. If you’re…

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