Social Media stages – ‘twitfaceup’ and ‘instasnap’


Like a flower, like a butterfly, even we go through different stages of maturity which ring so true in our own Social Media trip and its evolution!

The first step for a Social Media aspirant is getting a FB account. Once you have it, you go through certain stages:

Stage one: over enthusiastic:

I am walking to the club house adjacent to my apartment.

Golfing in Bangkok – wow!

I am in Bangalore, enjoying the rain

I am in the gym – six packs here I come…

Anything and everything gets a status.

Thank God for the FB you can inform your friends about  your presence at a wedding, check in to a hotel, reaching a new destination, sipping a new brand of beer…imagination is the key here…in coining the right set of words to sound legit….and not-so-pompous!

The number of likes is a real ego-booster! Some ladies that I know thrive purely on their FB likes. I called an acquaintance recently  to wish her on her birthday. I was asked politely to post my wish on her FB timeline!

Some pass over this phase and reach the next.

When you reach the second stage, you realise you can form FB groups of your friends and frenemies (enemies acting like friends, like Kim and Paris Hilton)

So you form groups, keep inviting everyone that you know of, after a certain stage of boredom with the same group (coz you are the admin…) keep posting till you get tired of it and move on.

If you really got the hang of Social Media and want to further your prospects to know more, learn more and network, you would have a Twitter handle by now. If you have it, then your FB posts will be more indicative and not explicit. Underplay yet high-profile…you see! You will also link your FB to Twitter and vice versa.

Twitter also helps you link with the glitterati and chatteratis of the world. You can follow Shah Rukh Khan and post a response to his tweet. Whether he reads it or not is not relevant. You can tell your friends that you communicate with the likes of Nigella Lawson, Amitabh Bhachan, Kevin Peterson….etc…. Impressive huh! FYI, I regularly communicate with Priyanka Chopra, Christianne Amanpour, and our PR Narendra Bhai (yeah, that’s how I address him:D)

By now you also have an Instagram account. No?????? God help you! No even he can’t, hire a Social Media consultant or your SM savvy friend to help you out.

Instagram is like FB, but this is a phone-only application. And it is a more a youth thing…but hang on, I do have an insta account…! So there goes youth out of the door!

Moving ahead with the FB,  you post less on your group and start sharing on your timeline the news that kind of reflects your views and perspective. You throw in your two cents literally when you share this on your wall:

For eg:

Whoa (you are so totally impressed)

Well said ( nailing your point – when people object you have a wall to take cover)

There are many sub plots to the sharing. If you dont agree to the shared topic posted by someone, say your friend,  you wait for someone to raise a fuss and hit like to his/her comments. Your point scored, see!

Moving further ahead  you only like and share others’ posts. This is just to let them know you are there in their FB universe, period.And then came Whatsap with similar but better communication functionalities, leaving FB to improvise a lot of their apps and functions, with Whatsap scoring over FB on easy communications.

And when you were busy looking out into the celebrity world through your Twitter handle, a silent Tsunami came in and it was called Snapchat. It is….well, kind of….like….more like….forget it…too humiliating to admit ignorance…


















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