Nice- an avoidable tragedy?


He was a known criminal with petty crime records.

The Bastille Day – the French National Day is celebrated across France marked with gaiety and fun-fare

Nice was no exception

Given that plus the facts that…

Nice is a mass touristy place

The current world scenario  where terror acts have been rampant and one too many, especially with the recent Ankara airport bombing – a close enough neighbour

The Brussels bomb blast earlier this year, with some of the investigation tracks, which were traced to Paris

The gruesome series of blast that rocked France last year including the Bataclan concert ambush…and Charlie Hebdo of course…

The general face-off between the residents and the immigrants…

Then again the fact that Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel is not a stranger in the criminal record book, behind the wheel of an 18-ton truck….

Given all these basic facts,  it should ideally have occurred  even to  a layman with the least thinking capability to have stopped the lorry and run a check.

But the cops on duty at the Nice promenade allowed the huge- –lorry , when normally vehicular traffic is closed for celebrations at the promenade. Only the food delivery trucks are allowed. Mind you,  allowed after verification. In an ideal world. Period.

From any angle you look at it, there is something fishy looming large…apathy? carelessness on a uniform footing across a system? conspiracy?

Cant really put my finger on just one point, unfortunately…

nice 2



  1. More points than fingers, I’m afraid. A large celebration, the resources of the gendarmerie already stretched, media that pursue the least hint of racial discrimination with witch-hunter fervour, and the general failure of individual responsibility. It lately seems that if you enjoy a position of authority you can get away with almost any catastrophic failure without ever suffering personal penalty. BTW, I think you deserve a special award for managing to spell the little monster’s name…

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