A true short story

Daily Prompts – crises



Tanya was pretty sure. That man was coming again.

He stood right in front of her house.

Tanya sniffed just to  reconfirm if it was the same scum who came every Wednesday at half past three in the afternoon to pleasure himself, right next to her house.

But now she had to do something, as her lovely lady Ava was getting ready for the gym now. Her lady’s gym timings were so tiringly random, Tanya thought for the umpteenth time.

She would open the door and see the scum and God knows what would happen.

Tanya let out a bark that startled her!

Tanya, what…? Ava was curious as she had never heard Tanya bark like this.

Her bark hadn’t made any impact on the scum outside.

“hey retard Pluto, join me.” Tanya barked her commands to her son Pluto who was looking at Ava waiting for his treat or praise or whatever good that came his way.

But he joined mamma Tanya and they let out a chorus.

‘This is strange’ Ava said loud and peeped through the keyhole. She saw a man and what he was doing.

“Tanya, Pluto, stay quiet.” She quickly took some piping hot water from the dispenser.

one, two and three, she mentally counted and yanked the door open and poured the hot water on that man’s…..

“Not any more crisis management required” thought Tanya before she stretched herself in the sofa and heard the painful retreating steps of the scum!



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