Narrow lanes inside a Goan Fort

photo challenges – narrow


IMG_1920This is a fort overlooking a confluence of a sea and a river in Goa. Beautiful vantage points abound this fort and there are narrow paths that lead to hidden nooks and corners. The earth smelt fresh from previous day’s rains and to celebrate the hiatus after the first monsoon rains, earth worms came out and were basking in the fading sunrays of the evening. Eeew!

The raging sea, the gathering rain clouds and the ancient fort rendered the place so mystically something. That something was strangely nostalgic. I haven’t been to Goa let alone to a fort in Goa. But then here I was feeling so terribly nostalgic. Maybe in my previous birth I must have been very closely related to this place and the fort!

I stood there for sometime, before getting lost in the maze of narrow path and stairs and finally finding my way out. By then the rain was out again.



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