Sorry …who killed your family?


sorry 1

That was one chicken asking another in a graffiti in a cafe in Bangalore. The backdrop of the conversation was a KFC  outlet.

There are so many justifiable occassions where you can say sorry, I do sincerely apologize….and there are instances where you need not say sorry!

Actually I found this daily prompt of ‘apology’ quite sad/drab/unimaginative and moronic.

sorry 3

Whoever came up with this magical daily prompt, deserves ….well …leave it…

Sorry,  I didnt have anyone else to blame for my mental block.

See, sorry!

Sorry sis, I ate your share of caramel custard. (good you cant hear the swear words in the back drop)

Sorry, I couldn’t send you the money yesterday.

Sorry, I just mentally killed you!

Sorry, I love Justin Beiber.

sorry 2

Sorry, I just went on an unrequitted-love mode with you. And I will. You will never know.

Sorry, writer’s block, I did not let you win!





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