Incredible indeed!

Emirates – Profound

ek ek

I don’t know why, but everytime I hear of an incident involving aircraft, my heart does a double somersault. I hate flying but then I work with an airlines. Amen!

When I fly, I carry loads of prayer books, rosery, and other tools that aid my praying. I have seen the smug safe look on my co-passengers’ faces when I travel. Good for them! Yeah, totally.

I feel so profoundly thankful to God everytime I fly and come back to terra firma.

The closest I came to a situation was when our flight was going round round above the deeply cloudy Kochi airport. The rain clouds and the air pockets made the flight bumpier and the co-passengers, all of them sat with an iron face. So hard and tense!

My daughter Avaantica was only six then and sonny two. (now they are twenty and sixteen respectively)  Both were fast asleep. I was just hoping they don’t wake up till we landed. The plane flew in total silence. No announcement from the captain as well. The absolute horrendous 15 minutes of my life! (one of the…)

When it finally landed, not so smooth, we were all so grateful to the Almighty.

When I saw today’s images of Emirates airline circulating in the Social Media, I sent a sincere and profound thank you to God for saving the passengers and crew from what could have been a tragic event.

The way the Airline’s crew handled the emergency and the Airline itself set another brilliant example the way they dealt smoothly with the  media and other stakeholders  – another profound  example of their brilliant track record.

We are with you EK!



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