Morning mellow with hot brewed coffee and cup cakes and muffins – then Amsterdam came along….

Morningness of morning



I am not necessarily an early riser but my late loving mom ensured the habit was seeded in me and that the guilt of defying a habit instilled by her would not let me lazing in the bed for too long.

My office starts at 8, and my mornings start by 6. A series of actions take place automatically, like, taking the dogs from sonny’s room for their  morning routine, packing my breakfast and checking if the lunch is in order, and getting ready for office. As I park my car in the parking lot in my office, the craving for coffee starts. I just have a tall glass of lemon juice with no sugar or salt in the morning immediately after I get up!

As the sliding door opens and the fresh brew smell rushes out from the Costa Coffee outlet at our reception lounge, I can hardly wait for my coffee fix.


But then a morning that I experienced while in Amsterdam in a place called Middenweig a few years back, made us realise what we have been missing.


It was a mildly cool morning and not many were up at 6 am when we woke up and went for a morning walk around the place. There was a park bang opposite our service apartment (Frankendael Apartments – truly a class apart) and you could walk around the town for hours on end soaking in the beauty of the nature, the silence and the occasional rupture of noise from a delivery truck or a baby that had woken up early or the cyclists who whiz past you.

The canals that dot the place have an ornamental bridge with pots of flowers in full cry   by  the side of the bridge. The sheer sight of an early morning sun, the dreamy and calm canals, the colourful flowers and the cyclists pedaling at their own pace weaves a very magical feel in you. You can literally feel the soul bursting with happiness!





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