Fun in Red Light District Amsterdam and Bangkok Soi 9


river kwai bridge

Fun it was in the Red Light District Amsterdam,  when on a balmy June evening  we decided to go around the Dam Square and the near-abouts. Why fun? Because, we spotted a man who was peeping into every door and jumping with excitement when he spotted the mandatory muse there. He had just come  out from Bull Dog…if you know what we mean! We ended up watching him, because that was more fun…ahem ahem….DSC_0056

Fun it always is when ava and her brother Adi, take over the kitchen and plan the weekend home programme.


When Pluto decided to express his feelings, it is no-ending fun! Here his expression says: “I just cant believe you ate that cookie without giving me even one crumb. SAD”


Fun it was in Bangkok Soi 9 when the hubby decided to go for a smoke outside the hotel and was chased by a group of masseuses from the massage parlour bang opposite our hotel. “Sawadika sir, please try our service…”.He wasn’t prepared, it seems. Well, whatever that means….but it was fun every  time we stepped out and the girls called  him out….bkk

Fun it was in Goa when we drove from the sleepy side to the happening side of Goa when it was raining tigers and lions! The road near a river almost looked dangerously close to flooding. Seeing the swelled-up river so close was so frigging scary! But when we sped past it and reached a safer high ground, it seemed like fun.





Fun it was when we were jaywalking in the Madison Square and Central Park . And loads of fun when  snow storm Jonas hit NYC with a huge whoosh.


Fun it was in London Trafalgar Square when the Harry Potter characters were seen texting and chatting when not busy with being photographed by tourists. Mythical gone modern!  But smart and quick as they are, they noticed me with my phone cam and quickly went back to their routine!

image image

Fun it was when being photo bombed by none other than boy-wonder beat boxing champ Tom Thun!

tom pb
Tom photo bombs …and how….

tom n me


Fun it was to hear  Sir Jeffery Archer taking the  liberty to tell me off for interfering with my daughter’s choice of studies! More than fun it was something else …something that felt good…


Fun it was when Lonely Planet founder Tony Wheeler and me indulged in a (Tarot) card styled  Q&A when he had come for a Leadership seminar to Oman.

tony n me

No end to fun moments! It keeps coming. Even a dull day in the office perks up with a chat with the cute Barista guy at the Costa Coffee outlet in our office!



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