Rare moments in Vil Uyina Sri Lanka and many such….


Hosted by Sri Lankan airlines, our media group was put up in the absolutely magnificent Vil Uyina Resort in Sigiriya, in Sri Lanka. The property, we were told falls in an Ecosystem and is preserved as such. Modern facilities in ancient setting.

Each room is an independent villa with a panoramic roof-to-floor glass window along its entire breadth. The day we reached, the sky was overcast and the night presented a beautiful show of lightning and thunderstorms. From the comfortable confines of your room, munching Sri Lankan snacks over flutes of ‘sparklies’ with your friends, watching the slivers of the lightning bolt brighten up the night sky, was a surreal experience.

But unfortunately, the only image I have of this trip is this….so this is rare

vil uyina

On another occasion, on a trip to Muir Wood National Park in California, this image of a hollow wood with  Ava came out with psychedelic effect.  Well kind of. It makes it rare for me, because Ava is all innocent in this pic, the evening visit was like a  dream- and I got a feeling that I had been there before. Deja Vu….

muirwood SFO

This pic taken in Munnar, a tiny and absolutely ravishing town in Kerala/Tamil Nadu border in India is so close to my heart because I was walking upto to meet my  mom who was waiting for me. In fact when this photo was being taken, she was looking at me from behind the curtains. She, who has an impeccable taste in color combos in designing dresses, complimented me on my choice of colour of the dress I was wearing. I love this photo because looking at me was my late loving mom sweetie!


On another media trip, to Munich this time, we passed by this Indian restaurant with a very unimaginative name – Indian Mango.

indian mango

Later we had lunch at another Indian restaurant – with another totally unimaginative name  Goa (pic below). But the food was awesome, ambience great and service – superb!


The below image of Munich is rare because it is not a black and white photo but rather a shot clicked during the typical freezing grey European winter!


Last but not the least, rains in Muscat is so totally rare.

muscat rains

Finally finally some really rare gems of memes and trolls and vines….


This one below was found behind a lorry in India… Trust me…they need God!



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