Local International


So that’s the theme – local

Local reminds me of the many nomenclatures related to the word ‘Local’ that I have heard during my childhood days.

Local Fast Passenger- this referred to one of the bus types plied by the the Kerala Road Transport Corporation. I don’t know why it was called such…


Local Passenger – this referred (by us) to the train that ran between Shornur junction and Coimbatore, if I am not mistaken. Memories of certain facts when not used for a long time, fade…ahem ahem

Local food – the main mantra of bloggers and lonely planet / trip advisor/ kind of websites.This one image (below)  is  a local food of Tamil Nadu, a south Indian state, that is devoured by tam brahms and is called Vathal Kuzhambu. Another name for heaven if you will ask them!

Manathakkali Vathal Kuzhambu 1

Local Attractions – Lonely Planet, Trip Advisor and wait for the new kid in the block to out rival these two soon…this photo below is a local attraction in Goa…a Fort overlooking the confluence of a river and sea…with monsoon clouds hovering above and nippy winds around us, it was a different world…


Locals – I hear this very often and I am in Oman! If you know what I mean…

Locally sourced – a bait for SMEs to get grants and soft loans.

But I love the ring of local passenger when it clips during the monsoon rains that unfailingly pours come June in Kerala.









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