The biggest magic – life


Did they say magic?

Wow! Everyday for me is like a magic, when I think how momentary life can be.

Be here now and in another world, some moments later.

I don’t want to sound morose or morbid.

People around me always said: live the moment. I do I do.

But when mom passed away suddenly, while watching TV, something that she loved to, my world whirled and whirled like the Whirling Derwishes. After whirling for over a year, it stopped. But then all of a sudden, it goes around again. I guess, that’s the bond that makes our world go round those we love.

From then on I treat every day as a miracle –  a magical world that is still within my reach.

The world in front of me, the people around me, the cacophony of noises I hear, everything is a reward. I say a profound thank you to my mentor, my almighty, when day breaks and when it ends.

Hope is life is magic is miracle.




  1. Yes…. Life’s like that! Live like your mum did. Make the same impact on your children. Fulfill all your duties as a woman, wife and mother and you’ll make your mommy proud whose watching over you. Don’t forget that you are after all a normal human being. Enjoy your life. You live only once. No magic will bring you back.

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