The biggest magic – life


Did they say magic?

Wow! Everyday for me is like a magic, when I think how momentary life can be.

Be here now and in another world, some moments later.

I don’t want to sound morose or morbid.

People around me always said: live the moment. I do I do.

But when mom passed away suddenly, while watching TV, something that she loved to, my world whirled and whirled like the Whirling Derwishes. After whirling for over a year, it stopped. But then all of a sudden, it goes around again. I guess, that’s the bond that makes our world go round those we love.

From then on I treat every day as a miracle –  a magical world that is still within my reach.

The world in front of me, the people around me, the cacophony of noises I hear, everything is a reward. I say a profound thank you to my mentor, my almighty, when day breaks and when it ends.

Hope is life is magic is miracle.





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