This time of the year every year!

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National Day Holidays!

I am not going to show  the one thing without which our holiday season could never be complete but rather the holiday season without which our annual routine and plan would never be complete!

We stay in Oman, the beautiful country with lovely friendly people.

The National Day Holidays! always falls a week after the National Day – November 18th.

The cool breeze and the lovely weather add to the charm of the extended weekends that we get with the National Day Holidays!.

And November had always been a nostalgic month for me. The November rains back in India, the start of the fall, the wind that rages with gay abandon – all of these make November special to me.

Now the nostalgia factor is doubled with the celebrations and gaiety around as Oman celebrates the National Day Holidays!.

PS: The pics belong to my favourite cities of London and Muscat.