I say…’S(l)ay it with a saree…’


latest-designer-sarees-mh-8506Somehow I always associated graceful to Saree – the plain five metre cloth when draped rightly around the body exudes so much elegance…sometimes words fail…

Saree suits anyone or any body- you can be slim, fat, tall, short, fair-skinned, dark-skinned…


When you drape saree around you, you hide a lot of flab and along with layers of saree, you also add layers of elegance and grace….

You can sport a short hair to a great style to team with saree


You can have long hair that you can just leave free  to look sensual and seductive in a saree…

You can tie it in a knot to look out of the world or you can braid it and win the world!

Saree is a winner…saree is graceful

If saree is yin, the blouse is the yang…

The potato roast to your shallots sambhar…(the South Indian to-go cuisine)

You can team your five metre saree with a blouse that can literally take anyone’s breath away!


You can look totally traditional, ultra modern, sexy, seductive, functional, formal, informal….


The bottomline – graceful – in a saree…

British PM in saree looked gorgeous …


So did Liz Hurley…


Helen Mirren…wow!


Ashley Judd…totally loved it…


Yes…it is graceful ….




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