New York City – positive ambience forever …

imageThe winter cold was bone biting.

But in the busy New York City, it was business as usual.

The January sun came out surprisingly bright and strong.

The ambience  of the day was great! We could feel it.

Sitting in the top deck of the Big Bus, and looking up to  the almost converging-on-sky sky scrapers, the city looked like a different planet.


I have seen some European cities in January, and they all act the same. Huddled, covered and waiting for winter to pass by.munich

The ambience – melancholy!

But New York City? It was celebrating winter on a daily basis! Every avenue, and every bit of NYC was gaiety personified. It was like  Disney Land on a bright summer day. The ambience–  radiance!

The Financial District and the Wall Street with its famous raging bull iron statue was a  hive of action with the selfie-generation. The ambience – pure happiness!

The Pier 15 to take you to Ellis Island was already swelling with people waiting to board the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty. The ambience – fun!img_4801

The One Memorial where the World Trade Centre stood kissing the clouds and where today you have two giant pools, of abysmal depth too reverberated a very palpable positive energy.img_4835


Even when Jonas battered the city, and NYPD stopped the traffic on road completely, the New Yorkers took to the road with their improvised sledges. The ambience – fun, happiness and more of it!


Jonas in full glory!!!

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