Cinque Terre – five reasons you should not attempt this lovely (?) trek!

ct 33

against the odds

The Cinque Terre trek.

Please don’t attempt it under the following circumstances:

During Summer

When you have just three days in Florence

If you have high BP

If you hate walking and generally hate any form of exercise.

If you are phobic of narrow-path

My common denominator was all of the above!

Then why did I attempt it?

ct 3

The guide who was with us a very handsome guy!

And we had in our group a pseudo sport who was hoping I would veto against this trek and I wanted to expose him! Evil me!

The trek starts from Manarola where the swanky comfortable coach drops us leaving us to yearn for it for the next seven hours! From here it is a walk against the odds and along the Mediterranean Sea which looks like a huge truck load of diamonds has been dumped onto it! Shimmering and shining and blinding the eyes! WoW!


For me against the odds is an understatement since I wanted to turn back and run to where the coach had dropped us! When I asked Steffano (our handsome guide!) how long we have to hike/trek/struggle, he showed a distant speck of landmark and said: just till there!


Seriously dude! I am dead already! Now what?

But puffing, panting, trekking, cussing, a train ride and a boat ride later, we arrived at the final check point from where we were to take a train back to where the coach dropped us.

Of course there were incredible views in between which made me forget the weariness and brought an instant cheer!

End of the day when we were back in our beautiful temporary home for the day, at hotel Albion smack in the city centre of Firenze, we reminisced on the beautiful day over flutes of wine and cheese. But when someone asked, if we would do it again, we said in a chorus: hell no! Instead we would do a Chianti wine and food safari tour!






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