Order – or the lack of it….!



There should be an order…always…even in chaos…so said my late loving dad who comes at least weekly once in my dreams and makes sure I don’t/have not forgotten the disciplinary one liners that I grew up with …thanks to him!

Order in chaos was his favourite…and I knew exactly what prompted him one day to say that.

I came home from playing and couldn’t find him in his room. He was there…behind a mountainous pile of files and folders and ledgers.

When I asked him why his room was such a mess, he asked me to ask where the Law of Torts workplace compensation file was. The one which he was dealing with for an arbitration case along with various others.

I asked him.

He went missing for a while..behind the files. But only for a couple of minutes. There he was with a neatly labelled folder that said Law of Torts/workplace compensation/Mr…..

Order  …..it was there. Very much.

Though I grew up hearing that, I was never too good with Order. It was always messy and chaotic and disorderly for me and of late I don’t even remember what I kept where! I search for something with a firm belief that I would find something else, that will come in equally handy or nostalgic!

Story of my life so far….

But I love anything that seems to be so much in Order

Like the neatly stacked dessert counters…oh boy, I dont really need to hog that stuff! I can just look at it and feel satiated. But no, I do stuff myself!


The Order in which the aircraft line up for their turn in the tarmac…I love it!

And coming to think of it, Order is always imposed, in that, given a chance, we don’t really adhere to Order

For a few like my dad, Order was of course self imposed.

Hmm…miss you pops…..







  1. Yes, this strikes a few chords for me. I have a peculiar sense of order, like a code. Unfortunately,my wife says that since she has none of Alan Turin’s strands of genius, I had better tidy up.

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