Pet peeks….

When I was nine or ten years old, the backyard was my go to perch to perk up my mornings.

I would be brushing my teeth with a whole expanse of a fresh day spread across me with smiling waving trees, morning smell of plants that bore organic fruits and veggies and a medley of beautiful morning only sensations. Our house had a fairly tall parapet wall on one side, and I (guess) I was kind of short. So from my height,  what I could see when I looked up ahead was the top portion of the coconut trees of the nearby house. The nearby house was pretty far, as every house had a huge farm area (not garden) around the house.

coco I used to tell my loving angels dad and mom:

Hey can you see the head of the coconut tree? Take a peek… It looks so beautiful!”

They were tall and they could see not just the head but the whole trees.

But they lowered themselves to get a  peek and gushed naturally!

Oh them!

I miss them every day and every living moment!

How I wish I could take a peek from somewhere, to get just a glimpse of them…

Wherever you are stay happy and keep an eye on me please…

We were in Goa when the rains were lashing the beautiful city… (or state or union territory …whatever it is)


We had to cross a road that was dangerously close to an overflowing river. At some points the swelled up river just jumped its boundaries and was licking the road. Not to say that the roads were narrow and the vehicles were coming fast from both the sides.

I strained my neck to its painful limit to get a peek of an elevated road some distance away…and there it was…never felt thankful like this any day before…

The rains were lashing again but this time  we were heading to the Ellis Island. It was a peek and go ride to the island as the day was overcast and the month was January! Just a few metres to the Statue of Liberty, the rains started lashing heavily,  that we had to abandon the top open deck to the relative safety of the level below. But then we persisted to take a selfie with the lady with the torch behind us. Just a wee bit of a peek and lo the boat steered towards its  journey back to pier 15.




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